On Sunday , 15th February 2015 at six-thirty in the morning a group of enthusiastic Malla residents eagerly waited to board a bus for an enjoyable journey to Dongri. The occasion was their annual picnic and from the start the group was pulsating with good humor and repartee. Everyone was right on time which gave us a good start – a sign that the day would turn out to be most enjoyable.

Our destination was LEISURE GARDENS, Dongri, an elevated picnic spot that provided exclusive privacy for a relaxed day of fun and games. It began with a sumptuous four course breakfast to which the hungry crowd did absolute justice. This was followed by a number of games creatively designed by Evelyn Mendonca & Marie Mendonca . The treasure hunt had every team scampering to find the required articles while running against the clock. Although Seniors made up the majority of the crowd the happy excitement and screaming displayed the joy of youthful participation.

We even managed to throw in a welcomed slot for ‘spirited’ potation and time for a sing-along with Bunty D’Cruz giving us his rendition of La Bamba a la Trini Lopez. ‘Memories of the Malla Seekers Treasure Hunt’ a hilarious game concocted by Michele Lawrence was the highlight of the day.It brought back pleasant memories of the Treasure Hunt held last year and kept all entertained.

The heavy lunch that followed served to energize the group, both physically and mentally, preparing them for a sit-down quiz ingeniously crafted by Felicity Rodrigues. As a substitute for Housie, Marie introduced a novel card game with many cash prizes that helped the winners make up some of their expenses; in this the members of Kalpana Society were the lucky ones lapping up prize after prize. During a break in the program while some took a dip in the mini pool, the adventurous ones climbed higher up the hill for a panoramic view of the glorious scenery.
All through the day we were on candid camera deftly operated by our ace photographer Francis Dias who captured every moment in digital format. When tea was announced everyone reluctantly came in for a cuppa and biscuits, sad that the splendid day of fun and camaraderie had come to an end. Here’s looking forward to our next outing!

~ Melville Mendonca