A hundred years have gone by, over a thousand Rosaries have been recited and still people faithfully congregate, each year, on the 11th of February to adore Our Lady of Lourdes at our Sherly Grotto.

Like every year, the Mass-n-Rosary began with the singing of hymns. The traditional gong was then sounded around the village gently reminding the people to assemble for the big event.  Once everyone had gathered the Rosary commenced.  This was followed by a Mass, which was celebrated by Fr. Leon.  The first reading was proclaimed by Lynette D’Mello. The choir consisted of  Adrian Gonsalves, Mervyn Gomes, Anne Gonsalves and Gloria Fernandes with Mervyn Barrett on the guitar.  Malaika D’Mello was the lone altar server.  
Then came the celebration with the traditional serving of boiled gram.  This year, thanks to some generous sponsors, everyone enjoyed some delicious cake, chips, samosas, Frooti and chicken biryani.  Many people stayed back to help pile up the chairs, and then joined in the little fellowship that followed with accompanied music, at Sherly Square.
An announcement was made regarding the Centenary Celebrations of the Sherly Grotto to be held on May 1, 2014. All were invited to the event.

– Warren D’Silva