Ambedkar Road & Pali Pathar Zone organized childrens day get-to-gether on 14th November 2013 at the Kiddies Corner. We had 28 Children in all, out of which 20 participated in competitions. To make it easier to distinguish the three competitions, different colour badges were provided to children participating.

Each child had to fill in the entry form, under their age category displayed with the respective competitions. We had 3 competitions, which was based on a common theme Celebrate Children’s Day in an ‘Eco-Friendly Way’. We started with the Drawing Competition which later proceeded with Fancy Dress & Dance Competition with the key topic ‘Save the Environment’.

The Judges for the evening were Rev. Fr. Leon Mascarenhas & Mrs. Jean Prabhu who made the evening special with their presence. All gifts & prizes were specifically wrapped in Newspaper, keeping in mind the Theme ‘Eco-Friendly’. Prizes were given to children who won the competitions.

Games were conducted such as Musical chairs & Boming the city, prizes were given to the winners.

Snacks such as cake, chips, sandwiches & soft drinks were served. Music was played & everyone danced & enjoyed themselves. As the celebration came to an end, each child was given a take-away gift & a packet of snacks, which consisted of Hot Dog & Sandwich.

All the children had a great time as the evening came to an end.

A Big THANK YOU to all the people who made this event a great success.
Rev.Fr.Clement de Lima who made available the Kiddies Corner for us.
Rev.Fr.Leon Mascarenhas & Mrs. Jean Prabhu who gave their precious time for judging the competitions.
Maurice for organizing the music & sound system.
Melvin for making available the chairs & glasses.
(Coordinated by: Lourdes Fernandes, Rita Jairaj, Maryann Barretto, Korrine Fernandes, Sonia & Patricia D’mello).


Maryann Christine Barretto
For Ambedkar Road & Pali Pathar Zone