On Sunday 24th August 2014, 16 children from our parish (class V & VI) participated in the Faith Celebration program held at St Aloysius School Hall (Mt. Carmel Church) along with children of seven other parishes of the Bandra Deanery.

218 children along with 30 catechists assembled at St Aloysius School grounds at 8:00am. At the registration, the children were provided with batches symbolizing the theme of the event The Eucharist. Thereafter, all gathered together in the hall to take part in the Mass celebrated by Fr. Joseph Pimenta (St Andrews Church).

The children were later split into 10 groups and participated in the different activities planned for the day, starting with an action song, followed by a video The Road to Emmaus, which led them into a Q & A session. The various parts of the mass were then explained in detail to the children. Scrumptious snacks were provided and as a group activity each team was given a quiz paper.

The day then culminated with all the children gathering back together and singing the action song they had practiced earlier and a final prayer and note of thanks. It was a day full of activities for the children to learn and grow in their Faith.

~ Caroline D’Souza