Hail Redeemer King Divine !!
Priest and Lamb,the throne is thine,
King whose reign shall never cease
Prince of everlasting Peace

On November 24th our Parish honored Christ the Universal King by spending a day in Adoration!! Beginning at 10am each Zone took turns in spending an Hour in The Presence of The Blessed Sacrament. The Holy Hour was well prepared and it was but deserving that we thanked the Lord for His countless graces and blessings. Each Zone was well represented.

At 5pm Fr. Roque gave us the Final Benediction, after which the parishioners made their way in procession to St. Peter’s Church. The grounds were well laid out and separate blocks allotted for each Parish. All parishes carried banners and the first Communicants greeted His Royal Presence by strewing flowers. St Theresa’s parish had the migrant workers dancing all the way to the beat of drums – a very stirring experience.

Deacon Navin D’Silva preached a sermon stressing on the need to read and relish the Word of God and above all getting the younger generation to do the same. The Theme was “Family Acting In Total Harmony – FAITH”. A group of lay people took every word of the theme and successfully impressed on the role of family in the world of today and the necessity to grow in FAITH.

The Final Benediction was given by the parish priests of St Theresa’s and Mount Carmel Church. St Anne’s Choir enriched the service with a suitable selection of hymns. St Peter’s arrangements in the hall and the tastefully decorated altar added splendour to the occasion. Thus concluded the Year of Faith!!

It was indeed a joyous day and one spent honouring Christ, Our Universal King.