On the 2nd of October, 16 First Holy Communicants accompanied by their catechists and Fr. Leon paid a visit to St. Anthony’s Home – An orphanage located at Byculla which looks after the care and upbringing of girls above 5 years who are destitute, orphaned, having a single parent or have been court committed.

The home caters to around 75 children in all. We were received by Sr. Iris who is the incharge for the children there. She then introduced us to Sr. Hency, the in-charge for juniors (children up to Std.IV). We interacted with the juniors who were around 37 in number. It was a touching experience for us to meet the kids who were also very eager to be with us.

The children were introduced to each other. Once the ice was broken, our communicants sang some action songs and other hymns for the children there. The other children also sang some songs that they had learnt.

After the singing, group games were organized and prizes were given out. The enthusiasm and liveliness, made everyone feel very joyful.

The gifts collected during the Nativity novenas were handed over to Sr. Iris. The children were also given biscuits that the communicants had carried for them along with some cash donations received from the parents.

Our trip ended with the children saying their goodbyes and we reached back to the parish by 1 p.m. What an unforgettable trip! The eyes, the smiles of the children, have lingered in me for a long time since. I’m sure that our children also learnt a lot from this trip. As children preparing for the sacrament of the Holy Eucharist, it is essential that they know what kind of individuals Jesus wants them to grow up to be. Interacting with the children at St. Anthony’s Home enabled them to learn to:

  • Be grateful, for everything God had given them.
  • Be humble and sensitive to others.
  • Be helpful to those in need especially to the ones who are less fortunate than them.
  • Be an instrument of bringing joy in the life of others.

A big thank you to the communicants for contributing to the joy and happiness of the less fortunate children at St. Anthony’s Home and an even bigger thank you to their parents for sending them.

Sunita D’Souza
FHC Catechist