The GNC had its annual picnic on the 19th of January. The children met by the Church Grotto bright and early on Sunday morning at 7.30am. Fr. Leon and teachers Sunita, Marylou and Beatrice and Natasha stepped in as guardian angels for the trip. The journey to Gorai was a lot of fun as they began playing games on the bus.

The morning’s activities included throwball, football and volleyball. This was followed by a yummy breakfast. The children then went for a dip in the sea. This dip turned out to be a lot longer than expected with swimming and splashing around too! Some of the children collected shells as they walked along the beach.

On returning and drying off, lunch was served. Fr. Clement joined in the feast and stayed on for the fun and games that followed including a game of Housie that had a unique twist of questions based on the Bible after every 5 numbers called. The children really enjoyed this game.

Tea was then served following which they began the long bus journey back. When the bus pulled in to St. Anne’s, the parents were eagerly awaiting their children’s return.