The Golden Oldies of our parish organised a pilgrimage to the Shrine of Infant Jesus in Nashik on Sunday the 9th Oct 2016. With an early start to the day  forty-eight of us boarded the luxurious bus and as we set off we immersed ourselves in prayer and song . A wholesome box of yummy snacks was provided enroute and at our pit-stop at Hotel Midway was a hot cup of coffee – all catered by Pauline. Thanks Pauline that was just perfect before the bus could climb the ghats!

Once we reached the Shrine we all attended the midday mass where “Thanksgiving” was the focus of the sermon. After a scrumptious non-veg meal some preferred to catch 40 winks while others caught a rick to the station to shop a few local goodies. We decided to leave earlier in order to spend more time over tea and bhajias and fortunately we did so as we were diverted off the highway due to riots. After the long and winding road and way past our tea time we were glad to reach the National Highway 48 in time for another pit-stop. Thanks to Felix and Oliver Pinto everyone was well looked after with tea, coffee, vadas and bhajias!

Another two hours later we were back in Bandra all safe and sound . The pilgrimage was full of prayer and song and for that all thanks goes to A.Felcy for the rosaries with meaningful petitions  and to Queenie whose melodious voice kept singing every hymn that praised the Lord. Very special thanks to Felix and his team for a wonderful prayerful trip!