St Anne’s unit of Hope and Life in Pali Hill was started in June 1987. However it was not possible to celebrate the same in 2012 So on June 20th 2013 they had a Belated celebration.

The Thanksgiving Eucharist was celebrated by the Ecclesial Advisor Fr. Vernon Aguiar and Parish Priest Fr. Clement was the concelebrant. The Liturgy was meaningful and Fr Clement’s Homily was inspiring. He reminded the members that God has a special love for widows and since the Movement is a Support System they should encourage those who don’t attend meetings to do so. After Mass Benedictine Crosses were blessed and distributed to all members as a Memento of the Jubilee.

This was followed by a Get-together in the Kiddies Corner. Angela Ferro welcomed the guests and members. Then the Jubilee Cake was cut by the leader – Antoinette. After that those celebrating Birthdays were called out, Fr Clement being one of them.

Dora, then gave a brief History of how the Movement began. She reminisced how every widow in the parish was visited by the late Greta Alvares, late Edna Gonsalves and Argentine D’souza (now 103years old) and herself. Since there were many home–bound widows Masses were held at their homes. This carried on for many years. Now that Masses in homes are being discouraged the meetings are held at Prithikunj Convent. No mass but Bible Sharing, recitation of the Rosary, Stations of the Cross and other Spiritual exercises are conducted. Sometimes the Spiritual Director gives a talk.

Connie then provided a report on the administration, funds collected (thanks to donors and generosity of members) etc. She then listed the activities like Visiting the Sick and Home Bound, sweets to the home bound for Christmas and Easter, sharing Christmas with the children of Nirmala Nivas, Christmas gifts to Shanti Avedna annually and the donation of Rs 1000 to St Francis Xavier School Sherly. Members also participate in all activities organized by the centre as well as the annual picnics.

Antoinette gave the Vote of thanks.

An interesting game followed. Friendship Bands were distributed and during the Game of Musical Arms the ladies exchanged bands with their partners, read the message on the bands and chatted with one another. Later they proceeded with the Game and prizes were distributed to the winners. The festivities were time bound because the 7pm Mass was to begin, so the programme had to be cut short. All in all it was a pleasant evening.

Some memories are captured in the photographs below.