On November 21st the members of the Hope & Life Movement from all Bandra Parishes met at St. Anne’s Church. The Eucharist was celebrated at 5pm for the souls of departed spouses and other family members.

Fr Clement was the Celebrant. He made the Eucharist very meaningful. In his homily he explained the Presentation Of Our Lady in the temple at an early age and dealt on various aspects of Our Lady’s Life stressing her YES to the Will of God in most trying times. He commended widows for also accepting God’s will in their lives and successfully bringing up the children.

The Mass was made very meaningful. As the ladies came in they wrote the names of the departed on a slip of paper and dropped in a basket which was taken up to the altar with the Offertory Gifts. At the Eucharist candles were lit at the beginning and during The prayer for the deceased.

After the Eucharist the ladies were treated to snacks and tea.