The Malla Community animators organised a walking Stations of the Cross through the streets of our area as our Lenten activity for March. On Sunday,18th March 2018, about 36 of us which included school going children, young mothers, many men and a few elderly (who need a pat on the back for walking for Our Lord) met at the Plague cross. After a short prayer invoking Mama Marys intercession to help us walk the Way in holiness as she did so at the First Way of the Cross, we sang the hymn “I have decided to follow Jesus” and prayed the first three stations. We then all walked downhill praying & singing hymns till we reached Melville Mendonca’s cross. Here the 4th to 6th stations were contemplated upon and was followed by the hymn “Softly & tenderly Jesus is calling”. We then dodged the traffic as we headed to our Malla Cross located in the very heart of Malla while singing “At the Cross her Station keeping “. A few elderly joined our group at this cross. Here we meditated on the 7th to 9th stations and ended with the hymn “We Hail Thee”. Then winding our way through a tiny gully we reached the beautiful D’Silva Cross that stood amid a garden full of palms and many chirping birds. The stillness of the evening helped us to truly pray & meditate on the 10th to 14th stations. Finally, the Litany of the Cross was prayed, ending with special prayers asking for mercy & grace from our Lord Jesus to help us in this our broken world. Sophia who led all the singing ended with the hymn “The old rugged Cross”.

It was a well-planned route that gave us a chance to visit crosses that are privately owned and maintained by families in their gardens. Special thanks to the Mendoncas and the D’Silvas who welcomed us. At each cross, Arilyn held a crucifix while the bigger kids held up laminated pictures of each station. Malla activites always end with a fellowship which was a much needed cold-drink, a few snacks and of course “Gontwals” – Thanks Bernice !!!

I left spiritually enriched and grateful to our animators for a well organised Stations for our Lord & Master Jesus Christ. God bless you all.

A Mallaite

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