Crosses of the Parish

The Cross was an instrument of Christ’s mission, without which there would have been no death and resurrection. It is the symbol of Christ’s love for us and the suffering he was prepared to undergo to save mankind.

In Bandra, there was an added significance beyond the already rich symbolism of the cross. In the 19th Century there were several outbreaks of the dreaded plague. Specifically in 1873, 1894 and 1897, besides other possible outbreaks, as well as influenza outbreaks like the one in 1918-19. To invoke the protection of their Saviour, Catholics erected crosses and used to pray fervently at them. These crosses are greatly reverenced and maintained till today.


Malla crossThe Cross in the heart of Malla village. It was built in 1897, by D. Gonsalves. The cross was renovated in 2007 by the residents. Credit for the design and execution is due to Mr. Brian D’Cruz. The building in the background happens to be the house which Mr. Manoel Gonsalves lived (built 1866, rebuilt by Manoel Gonsalves in 1909). The Rosary is recited in the month of May and October with the celebration of the Cross Feast on the last day of these two months each year.





Plague Cross on Pali-Malla RoadThe Plague Cross on Pali-Malla Road This cross was erected by the residents of Malla in 1897 as a thanksgiving Memorial to the Crucified Lord for being spared of the plague. Its original location was the spot where the BSES building now stands. It was shifted to its present place on the Pali-Malla road. The cross was in a sorry state until Horace Pereira renovated it and built the present structure which is almost an Oratory. The Rosary is recited there every first Saturday and also during the month of May.




Scheme: St. Andrew Road & Convent StreetCross at the junction of St. Andrew Road and Convent Road, on the outer periphery of Lily Apartments. The cross is maintained by the Cross Association of Scheme and the recitation of the Rosary is conducted in the months of May and October every year. When the bougainvillea flowers are in full bloom, they add to the beauty of the location.





Cross at the Jn. of Carter Road and Pali-Mall RoadThe Cross at the Junction of Carter Road and Pali-Malla Road – Nr. Railway Quarters.The inscriptions on the pedestal of the cross reads: Antonio Gonsalves 1824; Gasper Gonsalves, 1848; Pedro Paulo Gonsalves, 1848; Paul Clement Gonsalves, 1924. Maintained by the descendants of Gasper Gonsalves, residing at Gasper Lodge. A cross feast is celebrated during the month of May by the residents of Railway Quarters.





On Carter Road - entrance to Sherly Village

On Carter Road – entrance to Sherly Village. The cross was erected by Mr. Ellias D’Silva in 1825; rebuilt by his daughter Mrs. Anna Catherina Henriques in 1910. Residents recite the Rosary and celebrate the Cross Feast during the month of May.



Rajan Cross on Carter RoadThe Rajan Cross on Carter Road – outside Prithi Kunj was built by Joseph Fernandes of Rajan Village in 1869 and later rebuilt by his brother, Louis Fernandes who had a mosaic cross constructed in its place. Renovation was later carried out by the Balsara family who also beautified the surroundings with greenery and displaced the original plaque. The Rajan Students’ Association maintain this cross. They celebrate the Cross Feast in May each year by observing a Novena.




Fisherman's CrossThe “Fisherman’s Cross” is located on the sea-front of the Carter Road promenade north of the present mangroves. It was installed in 1978 by the late Peter D’Souza, a resident of Rajan. The initial wooden cross gave way in 2000 to a stone cross, embedded in a black granite base. Once a year, in the month of May, there is a Mass and Rosary at this cross. A statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary is taken to the site for the celebration.





Paan Mori Cross‘Paan Mori Cross’ located at the junction of Carter Road and Rajan Road bears the inscription “What is hateful to you, Do unto no man”. It was built by Mary D’Silva and family and rebuilt by subscription. The blessing of the new cross took place on 6.5.1978 with Mass celebrated by Rev. Fr. Anthony Charanghat.





Malla Jn crossCross at Malla Junction. This Cross is located on the property of Collin Aguiar and is maintained by his family.




Rajan Village CrossCross stands in the heart of Rajan Village.



Sherly-Rajan Road cross


Cross at the junction of Sherly-Rajan Road and Sherly Village. This Cross was built by Braz D’Silva.


D'Monte Park RoadCross situated at the end of D’Monte Park Road Extension & maintained by the residents of the area. The Rosary is recited during the months of May and October each year.




Pali Pathar Cross on Dr. Ambedkar Road. Maintained by residents of the area and Rosary recited in May and October each year followed by a Cross Feast.




Delphine House CrossCross at the entrance of Delphine House at the junction of Carter Road and Rajan Village Road.




Cross erected by Borges FamilyCross erected in 1897 by the ancestors of Joseph Borges who maintains it.




Cross at Ena Pereira ChowkCross at Edna Pereira Chowk. This Cross is located at the end of Pali Market at its junction with Dr. Ambedkar Road. This junction is also called Ena Pereira Chowk.