The second of October (International Elders’ Day) became another day to look forward to and remember. On that day St. Peter’s Parish, under the able directorship of Fr. Errol Fernandes, saw ten parishes competing for the championship at the Seniors’ Bible Quiz Competition. The organizers introduced changes this year making the event more competitive with a different flavor. The teams were made up of thirty members in the age group of fifty years and above.

St. Anne’s team initially found it difficult to garner a group of thirty people, but with fervent prayers they soon arrived at the required number. In the absence of our parish priest, Fr. Clement, the team had Fr. Leon wondering why they needed such strenuous practices every evening. Questions and answers were provided much in advance, the main objective of the Quiz being to familiarize one with snippets from the entire Bible. It is an enjoyable and novel method of bringing biblical facts to the fore and committing them to memory. While it turns out as a memory test it also tests the agility of the Seniors to react with speed as they race against the clock to answer each question.

There were five stages to the competition: Spell Me Out, Crossword, Multiple Choice, Dumb Charade and Rapid Fire. Dom Fernandes took charge of the team and broke us up into smaller groups, each allotted a part of the Quiz material in keeping with each stage. This helped to relieve the burden on the entire group. Each sub-group was separately put to the test during the rehearsals.

Mount Carmel parish was off to a flying start and bagged fifty points for the largest number of their parishioners cheering the team. They were able to stay ahead through the competition to end up as the champions. The first and second runner-ups were St. Anne, Mazagaon, and St. Andrew parishes. There were also prizes for the mascots of the evening and St. Anne, Bandra, featured Ruth, with Marianne Fernandes as Ruth (singing the SONG OF RUTH) and Kathleen Fernandes as Naomi, her mother-in-law. They won the third prize against the first prize winners Mount Carmel, with the second prize going to St. Anne, Mazagaon parish. But the cream of the Competition was the fun in participation which gave everyone great satisfaction.