December 1st was the first Sunday of Advent, the season that marks the beginning of the church year. It is a joyful Preparation for the coming of Christ both in his birth in Bethlehem and on Judgement day. It was on this day we had one get together that truly ushered in the season of expectation and joy.

We were around 100 present. Each of us were given a different kind of star and we had to find our group members on basis of the star shapes as follows: Shooting star, Twinkle Star, Superstar and Star of Bethlehem. Each group enacted one of the following scenes – Journey by rickshaw, bus, train and plane. This was followed by solving of two innovative puzzle sheets designed by Mrs. Clarissa Barrett.

Each of the groups sang christmas carols which created a festive atmosphere.

We were delighted to see the youngsters showcase their talent – Sasha, daughter of Wilbur and Karen played the keyboard. Denver, the son of Elroy and Bernadette played the guitar and Naomi, the daughter of Deep and Natasha played the Violin, entertained everyone with a cup song and also recited a hilarious poem.

Dr. Magaret Miranda played the guitar and her son, James, played the clarinet as we all sang along with a medley of old songs.

The snacks were delicious and the dinner sumptuous. We were delighted to see Fr. Clement and Fr. Roque join in our merriment.

It was an enjoyable evening of fun, frolic and amusement. The credit goes to all our animators – Thanks and God bless to all !!