The morning of 2nd October saw around 26 kids of the GNC (mostly first holy communicant candidates), bright,charged and eager to climb on to that bus which would take them to The St.Catherine’s Home at Andheri.

Their mission was to reach out, meet and share with the kids at the Home. All the offerings made during the Nine Day Novena in honour of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary were bundled off into the bus and promptly delivered to the Sisters of St.Catherine’s Home. Our kids sang and joyfully greeted all the children they met at the Home. They were particularly happy to see the babies in the Nursery section.

The kids also spent time in the play area on the swings and slides. The picturesque St.Catherine’;s Home provided the kids a perfect destination for a break from the concrete jungle they live in. During the journey to and fro our kids were treated to yummy snacks. A big thanks to all those who made this trip possible … a reality test for many of the kids who visited an orphanage for the first time in their lives. All in all a great day of sharing of love and material goods.