From 4th Nov to 9th Nov, 35 kids of our Parish commenced a spiritual journey from Eden to Jerusalem… they ventured into the Bible – through the door of Faith. Children from Stds. KG to IX were taught how to refer to the Bible and read out Scripture in accordance with the lesson plan of the day.

Besides this they were taught hymns, action songs and also learnt the order of the Books in the Bible – the Old Testament and the New Testament…with lyrics! The daily sessions began with a half hour assembly, an hour of inputs and discussion and activity, a half hour snack and game break followed by another hour of inputs and discussions. All in all it was fun filled journey for the kids and the teachers who enjoyed every minute of the programme.

It wound up with a short programme on Sun 10th November with all the classes ( Sub-Juniors, Juniors and Seniors) showcasing all that they had learnt over the last week through a presentation of Memory verses, Action songs and a brief skit written by one of the kids – Warren. Our Music teacher – Clarissa Barrett, taught us some wonderful and catchy hymns that continue to keep the kids in tune with the Bible. Thanks and God bless to all who helped, supported and were with the VBJ Programme.