The Priest of our Parish were felicitated by the parishioners after the 9.15am Mass. Maxy read out a short speech which included the poem “The Beautiful Hands of a Priest” (you can view this on our Facebook page). Token gift envelopes were given to parish Fathers. To everyone’s delight, Fr.Prax made a special effort and came up to sit in front of the Altar. Fr. Leon then said a few words thanking every one for their good wishes and requesting the congregation to support them with their prayers and co-operation.
Meet & Greet:
The Meet and Greet Club also celebrated Vianney Sunday with scrumptious hot vada/samosa pav served to all who met and greeted each other after the 8.00am and 9.15am Masses on Sunday 10th Aug 2014. Thanks to some of our generous parishioners,  the movement of meeting and greeting each other after Mass is being taken forward at a steady pace. May God bless all our Sponsors and all those who partake in this activity !!!