Were you There

On 18th April 2014, Good Friday morning, our parish team led by Dr. Elaine Charles organised for the first time an open air re-enactment of the Lord’s passion.   The programme began on time at 7:30 am where a large crowd gathered at the Church grotto to witness the most sorrowful event of all time that brought about the reality of our true faith.

At the first station itself we saw how “Jesus” was condemned to death.  Wearing the crown of thorns and a purple robe Pilate said to the crowd, “Take Him and crucify Him yourselves”.  That statement brought a tremble.  A float following the congregation moved in procession to the various zones.  Walking with ”Jesus” and understanding His passion was a novel experience through the Railway quarters, Sherly, Carter Road, Rajan where it culminated at the Fernandes Compound (Rizvi Complex).

The crucifixion of Christ was so touching, that it almost brought a tear to every eye.  However as I stood there, it made me realise my own inabilities at all times.  The cross we are told has the power to drastically transform man’s destiny.  And that I am sure makes all the difference.

A word of appreciation to the cast (Yohan Fernandes played “Jesus”), the choir, the narrators, and the people who made all this possible, by putting their hands together for all the necessary help and support.  Fr. Clement, Arden D’Souza, Felix D’Souza, Brian Sound, Michele Lawrence and last but not the least Dr. Elaine Charles who directed the entire performance for making it most effective, meaningful and memorable, May we always learn to continue to spread the message of Christ to all those who are still trying to seek “Him”.  They say, in books we seek God, but in prayer we find “Him”.  Happy Easter.


Contributed by Russel Pereira